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  • HungryFin: Underwater Puzzle Adventure
  • 2019-01-12
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About HungryFin: Underwater Puzzle Adventure

• Every level is special & fishes have various personalities
• Avoid dangers such as sea urchins & hungry sharks
• Solve fun puzzles in every underwater cave
• Eat smaller fish & evolve to overcome challenges
• Stunning, cute graphics and relaxing background music
• The excellent adventure mobile game for adults & children alike!

Take your little fish on an adventure deep into the coral reef, exploring undersea caves & meeting the great ocean life that lives there.

Each fish has its own personality. Some are friendly and wish to help, while some are mean and wish to eat you – especially those hungry sharks and mad groupers! You’ll have to solve puzzles to get starfish that you can use to unblock epic boss wars and there are Three fun puzzles in every level:

- Eat Puzzle
Eat your method to the top of the meal chain!

- Lost Fragments Puzzle
Find the lost fragments of the starfish to complete it!

- Mystery Puzzle
You’ll have to figure this 1 out on your own!

Not all the fish in the sea are friendly. Down here it’s a fish eat fish world! You’ll have to avoid dangers in the coral reef such as really big fish who can damage you, spiky sea urchins, stinging jellyfish and hungry sharks - who knows, they might be baby megalodons, so watch out!

To survive in the ocean you’ll need to adapt and evolve your fish. Eat smaller fish to grow bigger so you can eat larger fish and collect adaptations to give your fish unique abilities:

- Increase Attack
A one-bite snack is better than a two-bite snack

- Health Boost
When life gets hard… obtain more life.

- Move Faster
The best defence is not being caught at all

- Grow Bigger
Predator or prey, the size decides.

- Faster Ability Cooldown
Good for escaping sticky situations!

You can also upgrade Four special skills for your fish

- Dash
Dash forward with speed to eat larger fish

- Spin
Spin & eat smaller fish in the area

- Shield
A protective bubble that stops hurt for a short time

- Blaster
Shoot bubbles at your enemies!


New Features: Production version 1.2

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